Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Another Startling Discovery!

So, invigorated by my success at publishing (almost published I think), I ventured into the realm of teaching.

I received an email from my new-found friend and publisher, Lindsay Murray at Quilting Arts Magazine, indicating that anyone who wanted to apply could turn in an application to teach a class at "Make-It University" in Houston in November. This is part of the International Quilt Festival that is held in Houston each year, and from all accounts, is wildly successful. Me, being the sucker I am, thinks, "Sure. I'll complete a proposal to do something that I have absolutely no experience in and have no intention of going to. Why not? I won't be asked to teach anyway."

Fast forward a week later, and, of course, I have a message in my email from Lindsay asking me to teach a one-hour class at the Festival. There is no mention of payment of my expenses to get there, accommodations, food, supplies, etc. Just "C'mon down, pardner!" Me, being me, thinks about it for a microsecond: I have no money, no experience, no way to get there, I can't possibly do it."

After that brief pause ended, I, of course, started making travel plans and arrangements. I have absolutely no idea what awaits me, but WHAT AN ADVENTURE THIS IS GONNA BE!

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  1. Very cool, Lou! Way to just jump in and try things!

    Lilly and I are looking forward to this weekend's show.