Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Part of my class at Make It University!

Home from Quilt Festival in Houston

Holy cow! I'm just branching out all over the place - thinking that it won't be long before I sprout leaves!

My excursion to Houston to teach at Make it University! at the International Quilt Festival was really something! I am home, and now have the experience of teaching people who actually pay to hear what I have to say. Amazing!

The Quilt Festival was fun, and I have to admit that the vendors were my favorite part. Sure, there were some completely amazing quilts on display, but I was delightedly overwhelmed by the rows and rows of vendors, selling everything from foot massages to sewing machines and buttons. It was truly amazing, and I spent more money than I meant to - but what a blast!

Teaching was really great. I was terrified, but Pokey Bolton and Lindsey Murray (from Quilting Arts, etc.) made it fun and easy for this first-timer. Seeing my name on a board with some really well-known artists was a thrill, having my name in the program was great, and teaching eager students was marvelous!

Now I have to go about the business of dreaming up a new project so I can do it all over again next time!