Monday, February 27, 2012

Another new adventure

Today I shipped off the first lesson of my online class, "Fabulous Felt Beaded Bracelets", for Joggles. Here is the link to the classes they offer (including mine):

This is yet another thing that I am doing that I haven't done before, and I again have this mixed feeling about loving the way I've been stretching my boundaries, but wanting to stay safe. I realize that this may not seem unsafe to most people, but fear of rejection is a constant in my life. I imagine that absolutely no one will sign up for this class :)

But, off I go in this new direction, and I have already been asked to do another online class for Barb at Joggles - the new one will be how to make button bracelets. More fun work to do in the next several weeks! Looking forward to it - with my usual reservation...