Thursday, February 17, 2011

A Night at Rowan Hall

Ah... How could I have been away so long? Tonight, my dear friend, Anne, and I reinstated our commitment to make art one time a week at Rowan Hall. Rowan is at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio - not the University of Miami (Florida). Anne and I both work day jobs at Miami, and discovered Rowan Hall a couple of years ago when taking a class on making lampwork beads during a wonderful opportunity called "CraftSummer". Anyway, we had slowly gotten away from our lampworking, and tonight decided to go back to Rowan. It was wonderful. Anne sat and worked the torch, and I sat and cut felt for my beads. We talked a little, but mostly listened to the torch's blue flame and my scissors cutting away. The usual characters filtered in and out tonight, making it even more like home - Leah and Dave were there. The bus drivers came in to take a potty break, and the artist-in-residence came in to work late into the night. The usuals.

I am not so interested in making lampwork beads anymore (at least not right now), but I am interested in our warm, quiet nights spent huddled together in quiet creativity. I have missed Rowan, and am happy to be back. See you next week, friends...


  1. I took a lampwork bead class during a CraftSummer long ago. I never quite got the hang of it, but have some ugly little glass beads to remind me of the fun week.

  2. I can't honestly say I got the "hang" of it either! I have lots of imperfect, but not ugly, glass beads. Someday, I will figure out what to do with them. Anne, on the other hand, has definitely gotten the hang of it - her beads are beautiful!