Thursday, June 30, 2011

Exciting News! REALLY Exciting News!!!

So, the other day I'm in this really boring meeting and I decide to look at my iPad and check my email. In looking at my email, I saw a message from Pokey Bolton, the editor of Quilting Arts Magazine - one of my very favorite art magazines. After I closed my jaw, I opened the message, and found she was asking if I wanted to do an article for an upcoming issue of their specialty magazine, "International Quilt Festival: Quilt Scene". Again, I closed my jaw, and tried to hide the huge grin on my face (I was still in a meeting). Really? Me? Perhaps she had the wrong Lou Haines? No, I think it was definitely me since she attached the picture of my felt beads that I had emailed to her several months ago begging for a look.

So I immediately emailed her back and said I would be happy to do an article. Actually, happy doesn't quite describe it. I am over the moon! Now comes the hard work of coming up with what is needed by July 18th! Then waiting for the magazine to be published will be torture!

I am SO glad I bought new yarn for my beads while on vacation a couple of weeks ago (Nautical Yarns in Ludington, Michigan - GREAT yarn shop!). I'm so glad I have a good portion of this weekend to work on beads and an article. I'm so glad I'm throwing myself out there!

See? Sometimes it works!!

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  1. Congratulations Lou! But WE'RE not NEARLY as surprised as you are! Looking forward to seeing the gallys!