Saturday, March 19, 2011

Branching Out

I finally picked up my watercolors tonight. I have been drawing recently, and signed up for an online watercolor class. I still haven't started the class, but I did open the colors and began messing around with my drawings. I would say that I am not totally disappointed. I have lots to learn, but I am happy that I am overcoming my fear of failure!

I painted one of the Zentangles I did last week, and it looks pretty good for a beginner. I also have my cow I drew from the instructions in Carla Sonheim's drawing lab book. It's incredibly goofy, but is a good example of what your eye sees and what your hand draws! You just look at a picture, and then without looking at the paper, you draw what you see. It's pretty funny, but at least I can tell it's a cow. I doubt anyone else can, but that's ok. I added a goofy eye and some watercolors - the eye did not help, but the watercolor saved the day!

I've been making progress on my calendar art. I still don't have it done, but it's not due until April 8th. So far, I'm happy with what I've got - if I could just make up my mind about what I want to do! I think, though, that I've finally decided and now need some more small canvasses. Perhaps a trip to Hobby Lobby is in the works for tonight...

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